A long Christmas vacation

I finished at FTE for Christmas without being able to complete my Commercial Pilots Licence due to the bad weather and lack of examiners, I was quite downhearted about this because it meant I was now going to have to wait for at least 3 weeks before I could take the test.  Most people will think “oh but its like riding a bike” or “I drive a car after not doing so for 3 months!”.  I would normally agree with all of the analogies, however I can say with much conviction, that having flown a complicated aircraft plane type for only 10 hours, then taking 3 weeks off before taking a demanding and complex exam in it, is most definitely not of the same order as getting back into a car which you have held a licence for over 10 years in.

route to christmas

So my journey started in Jerez with Iberia hopping over to Madrid for a change and then onto Heathrow.  There was no glamour to this flight this time as I was on an Iberia operated flight back to Heathrow and celebs like Bear Grylls (who I was sat next to last time) just do not fly Iberia.  Allie picked me up at Heathrow and we headed back home.

Friday morning I had to go to the doctors and then had a few things to sort out before we went.  One of which was the garden fence – a whole 20m section of our fence at the back of the house had been totally destroyed by the 80mph winds that had wrecked havoc across the south east of England a few days before, to top it off our boiler had gone on the blink as well and required a new expansion chamber to be fitted, and I needed to get my hair chopped before we went away – oh and I had to pack all our stuff to take away on holiday too.  The latter was actually the toughest part, this was one of the longest holidays we had been on and we didn’t really know what to take, the weather forecasts kept saying it was 35C but that it was raining, so did we take rain jackets and thin sweaters for the evening?  In the end, we just decided to pack everything and this required a major re-think on the bags that we were taking.  Eventually everything was squeezed into 3 bags which all seemed to weigh a ton and we were off away for Christmas.  The round trip including visiting parents on New Years Day and the 2nd January was going to total just shy of 14,000 miles.

More pics to be uploaded at a later time.


~ by globalste on December 16, 2011.

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