Type Rating–Q400 Week 1

So finally, free of plane camp I have started in the real world of flying with an airline, well, not quite…  First I have to get something called a type-rating which is essentially a licence and proficiency test for a certain type of aircraft, in my case, the Q400.

q400 approach

The first part of the first week was mostly paperwork for security passes and the usual HRM formalities, it seemed to take for ever to plough through everything but eventually we moved onto some actual teaching.  I can’t go into too much detail on what we were taught the first week, but in highlighted form we had Crew Resource Management (CRM) training which was a really excellent day.  CRM is all about how people interact with one another and how important behaviours and personalities are on board the flight deck.  Next up was security and dangerous goods, the Dangerous Goods book is like a bible and is impossible to know everything in it, it is more of a reference manual and so the session was spent understanding how the manual worked and where a crew fits into the process of dangerous goods being shipped by air.  Security revolved around how airports are split into different areas and how we will require 12teen different passes and retina scans in order to be able to use the crew security queue rather than the passengers one, we also had a really interesting session on how to identify concealed munitions which was particularly interesting.  We also had some good introductory talks from the various senior management team within Flybe including the Chief Pilot.  Towards the end of the week we had our emergency training which involved putting out fires, use of smoke hoods, first aid and resuscitation.

All in all, a nice gentle easing into the company, but of course there were some obligatory tests thrown in there as well just to keep us on our toes!  I took a mixture of photographs between my phone and my camera during the week, apologies for the quality of photo with my phone – the lens is scratched and needs replacing.



~ by globalste on March 31, 2012.

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