Building your own radar

One of my best friends from university is a computer whiz, I have never me anyone like him, as far as I am concerned, he is a genius when it comes to Linux programming and servers and anything web related, hardware or server for that matter. 

He is currently working on building his own radar which I think is a hugely ambitious project, for one, I only scratched the surface of radar concepts as part of my ATPL and that was enough to make the mind boggle!  I did read once about someone building their own Inertial Navigation System which I think is just insane.

Either way, here is the link to his project, quite remarkable.


~ by globalste on April 16, 2012.

One Response to “Building your own radar”

  1. I like compliments but I feel I should point out I’ve had to use sonar (echo location using ultrasonics, like a bat) and it’s a ready made module for the electronics kit I’m using. However: there is a MIT course on building your own radar with some notes here:

    They just don’t make tiny radar units that I’m aware of, whereas ultrasonics are about Β£5, the size of your thumb and can do 8 metres or so. Some defence contractors might make some but it’s probably not a great idea to contact them about it.

    I don’t know much about aircraft radar, however the defcon diy example is using the public radio frequencies (used by wireless networking etc) and not going above the legal limit.

    My project is trying to get the software to detect, move and track intelligently (mainly to help me learn programming as others have done it before). I did enjoy researching the subject but suspect you know more than me about how various aspects of radar works electronically.

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