Base Training

I positioned up to Glasgow Airport for my base training, I was going to be doing it with my flying partner so at least there was 2 of us doing it.


Base training consists of a departure from one airfield and arriving at another airfield for circuits and a series of touch-and-go’s and full-stop landings.  I have an ATPL licence and so the requirement is that I make 6 T&Gs using different flap settings.

Our circuits were going to be at Prestwick which I was really pleased about because this is where my dad works and so he would be able to see us coming in and flying.

The day was actually quite tough, the aircraft suddenly feels strange after spending all of our time in the simulator and everything just felt different.  I think I was a bit overwhelmed by the occasion perhaps because there wasn’t anything in particular that I didn’t know, it just wasn’t coming to me with the speed and fluidity it would normally do.

Anyway, we did a thorough walk-around of the aircraft and then decided that I would go first.  Everything felt a bit surreal because here we were at a large international airport with only 3 people on the plane, and asking the ground to push the aircraft back.

We taxied down to the end of the runway and lined the aircraft up and then it was my turn to take off – holy crap, this would be the first time that I am going to fly this plane and the feeling was just amazing as tower cleared us for take-off and we thundered down the runway before powering up into the sky at over 4000fpm.  We flew over to Prestwick at 5000 feet before getting ourselves configured up for the landing.


I won’t spend all of my time writing about circuits, I will just say that the landings were nice and soft and I will let the pictures and videos do the talking.  I am still waiting for a bunch of pictures taken and will upload them ASAP.  As usual, all videos are available in HD if you click the icon in the bottom right of the box.

So now that the base training is done, all that remains is for me to complete some paperwork with the CAA and I will have my type rating! Smile


~ by globalste on May 17, 2012.

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