Southampton Flying

This weekend I was flying out of Southampton as part of my block standby.  I was flying to a couple of destinations in France, then Dublin and Leeds Bradford.

I was staying at the Hilton at Southampton near the airport.  I have stayed in an awful lot of hotels in my life until now, more than I care to imagine, and this place without doubt is one of the worst run and worst decorated Hilton hotels I have ever stayed at.  Overall, I rank it even worse than the Radisson in Pittsburgh which I think is the worst hotel I have stayed at… oh and I just remembered the Staybridge Suites in Columbia.  The Radisson had two good things going for it, it had the Monroeville Mall right next to it, which meant being able to buy tons of cheap stuff to take back to Sweden, and it also had some good eateries including a Hooters bar to watch the football at. 

Anyway, I digress.  France was exactly what I expected it to be, which was not much.  I didn’t expect us to get away on time and I wasn’t disappointed, I have seen sloths move quicker.  I have also now decided that the 2 places I like least on the Flybe network are Leeds Bradford airport and Dublin Airport.  Leeds Bradford because there are so many Jet2 and Ryanair flights there who hog the stands and generally cause total chaos for everyone else, between them, they are like a pair of bulls in a china shop and leaving what’s left for everyone else.  Dublin I dislike because the airport is a total rathole, all of the runway and the taxiways are totally knackered and its like being on cobbles, and the ATC people do not speak standard English (as per the CAP413) instead they use local colloquialisms and slang that anyone turning up for the first time there will not stand a cat in hells chance of understanding.  Thankfully the Captain I was flying with to Dublin had experienced the very same the first time he went there and pretty much told me what they were likely to say and what they really meant, if he hadn’t, I would have had to hand the radio over to him because it was totally incomprehensible.



~ by globalste on July 21, 2012.

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