Highest parachute jump in the world

I’m currently watching this live, it has been delayed by a few days due to weather.  Its absolutely fascinating to watch all the info available, he is climbing at 1000fpm up to an altitude of 120,000ft.  Once he reaches this altitude he will jump from the capsule and the capsule itself will detach from the balloon and open it’s own parachute system to allow the capsule to be recovered.  He will likely break the speed of sound on his way down.

Felix jump

felix capsule

When the current record holder jumped from 90,000ft, he just tumbled through the air and literally fell.  He had no reference of what was happening because there was no atmosphere and no ripple of his clothes or noise from air, he actually thought he was just floating in space and it was only when he got to the troposphere that he started to hear the noise of air and realized he was falling at over 1000kmh!

Red Bull Stratos - Manned one flight



~ by globalste on October 14, 2012.

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