Christmas is coming

The Christmas roster has now been released.  I requested Christmas off and said I would use my annual leave for it, but unfortunately luck was not on my side and I was fostered Christmas Eve, standby on Christmas Day, then a morning shift on Boxing Day; I couldn’t have gotten a much worse roster really, except my poor housemate Alex got 5 days of block standby over Christmas which basically means he could be absolutely anywhere, to make matters more unfair, his American girlfriend is over for the festive period.

I am going to visit my inlaws before Christmas and then allie will come back up to Aberdeen with me on Christmas Eve in time for me to do my evening shift. We will visit my parents after Christmas for a few days and then come back up to Aberdeen for the rest of December.

My friend Jeremy will be up in Aberdeen for a few days over New Year night stopping, he managed to nab a full scholarship with GAPAN and then a lucrative job with BA Cityflier the jammy git.


~ by globalste on November 15, 2012.

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