Boiler packed in

What a time for this to happen, it has been -8c up here in Aberdeen lately with lots of snow and ice.  I was on the evening shift last night which finishes at 2230 and I got back to the apartment and it felt really cold, I just assumed it was because it had been a really cold day.

I don’t normally feel the cold, I’ve spent literally 100s of nights camping in freezing conditions including being caught out in a snow storm on top of a mountain and another in a welsh valley when I forgot to bring a ground mat and the cold just flooded through from the ground into my sleeping bag.

So when I woke up at 3am this morning because I could not get warm under the thick duvet I quickly got an extra thermal top out and went back to sleep, only to be woken again at 5am.  I knew the heating would come on at 0530 for a bit and that would take the chill off things.  I finally gave up at 7am and got out of bed to turn the boiler onto advance.  It whirred up and made loads of noise but 10mins later all the radiators were still stone cold.  I got the book out to the boiler and realised it had either lost pressure or the ignitition was knackerred. As luck would have it, either the previous tenants or the owner had broken the pressure gauge so there was no way of knowing how much pressure the boiler had left.  What I do know is that the thermostat was reading a solid 6c.

I went to the gym to have a quick ride on the spinning bike and then get a shower there, then came back to get changed and pack my stuff for Germany where I will be spending the next two days.  The property manager is supposed to have a contractor come and fix the boiler while I am away, fingers crossed…

My German is not great at the best of times, I haven’t been to dusseldorf in a quite a while, but I did use to work there for a number of years.  My PA in german could prove to be interesting…


~ by globalste on December 14, 2012.

4 Responses to “Boiler packed in”

  1. I would stick a woodburner or multifuel fire in there (one of the modern airtight ones with a glass front). It looks pretty and if your normal heating packs up in the middle of some snowmagedon it’ll give enough heat that you wont freeze to death nor your pipes burst and similar. When installing, try to arrange to take the air feed into the stove from outside via a dedicated feed so as not to otherwise pull air from your house interior (which draws in air via drafts and then makes the house colder overall).

    • This is at the apartment in Aberdeen. Have been looking at one of those burners for the house though, the problem is the size of the cavity wall which limits the type of wall mounted fire we can have

  2. What is a property manager by the way, is that like a butler?

    Is his name Alfred? Are you Batman?

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