Meteor or space debris

This evening flying back from Birmingham I was pilot monitoring, it was about 9pm and we were taking a deconfliction service shortcut that I always ask for with a certain Scottish control frequency.

As we were passing over the Yorkshire dales there was suddenly a flash of blue-green light that came streaking overhead and then went through the clouds.  I had no idea what it was and at first I assumed it was just my imagination.  However a couple of minutes later a BA Cityflier aircraft reported seeing the same thing crashing into an area near Carlisle and seeing a burst of flames when it hit the ground.  The air traffic controller asked for a speed and trajectory to which they answered "2000kts, south to north", this was possibly accurate with the speed because it did happen quite quickly, it was definitely accurate with the direction and location though.
I’m still not sure what it was, I have found nothing in the news but this guy captured it on his onboard camera in his car.  There are quite a few articles on the web about it too, seems to be the same colours etc reported.

~ by globalste on January 30, 2013.

One Response to “Meteor or space debris”

  1. Was it the remains for the Miles & More programme, finally dying a death?

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