A350 First Flight & New Aircraft on their Way for BA

Today at 10am EADS answer to Boeings 787 took to the skies, the new A350-900XWB.  The sound of the new Rolls Royce Trent engines is something pretty magnificent I think, although its obviously also very quiet!  The aircraft will now undergo 2500 flight test hours before it enters service in 2014.

There is also a great Airbus Programme that was running live here Airbus Live A350XWB, I am unsure how long it will run for though, it had some fantastic history of Airbus for the first hour and the take off was from 59mins onwards.

BA 787 2

BA 787The third of the new BA 787s came out of the paint shop last month and the first aircraft had it’s first flight on the 8th June.  The 787s will come on line in July and will be tested for line training on the Scottish routes, hopefully some Edinburgh and Glasgow routes which I may be able to sneak onto.  The crew are currently doing training at Prestwick Airport, British Airways also do a lot of their maintenance for the Airbus fleet there as well as using it as a base for training pilots.

The A380s are now under way with flying and testing and will soon be undergoing line training for the BA crew. 

Both of these aircraft will be delivered at the staggering rate of 1 aircraft every 2weeks for the next 12 months.

~ by globalste on June 14, 2013.

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