Emirates to get rid of Airbus A340-500 

My dad sent me an incredible article last week.  

Emirates have taken the decision to remove their A340-500 series aircraft early from the fleet.  These aircraft are a mere 8 years old and are one of the longest range aircraft in the world.  Emirates cannot justify the cost of running these aircraft anymore and have actually written off the value of their depreciation already, this means if they cannot sell them then the aircraft amazingly will go off to the scrap yard.

Currently 2 aircraft have been sold and a 3rd has been designated a mothball for spare parts.

The advantage that the A340 does have for many operators is that it is not restricted by ETOPs (Extended Twin Operations) this means that it does not have to have special licences or pilots to fly across the Atlantic or the pacific like a twin engine aircraft would such as the 777.

~ by globalste on November 11, 2013.

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