Stretching a 747 upper deck

No this isn’t about the 747-8i, it is about what the likes of KLM and JAL did back in the 80s to make their 747s more like the 747-300 series.

this article that I found is quite fascinating as it shows how it was all done in the 80s. The 747-8i is actually has 2 fuselage plugs fore and aft of the wing, and the wings, engines and flightdeck are quite different.

I have actually flown on the upper deck of one of the last 747-300 series that Singapore Airlines had, it was from Manchester to Singapore in 1988, this is also the longest flight I have ever made at 6,815miles.  At the time the 747 had the nickname “Big Top” and this was written in big blue letters down the side of it, just coming into service at the same time was the 747-400 series and this had “Mega Top” written down the side of it.  Sadly Singapore Airlines retired their last 747 in March 2012 so it is no longer possible to fly on one of these.

747 Bigtop747 megatop

747 upper deck

I also flew on one of TWAs 747-200 series from Istanbul to Atlanta, this was during TWAs gradual downward spiral due to a compulsory ticketing discount agreement that was robbing them of $150m a year. 

qantas 747 lounge

Other 747s I have flown on are British Airways (upperdeck and in the nose) and KLM 747-Combi.  The combi is a great plane to fly on if you nab the seats at the front because they are only 2-2 with then a huge galley, its like being on the upper deck.

klm combi

BA Club World on the upper deck is the best flying experience available in my book (or definitely very close to First Class in the more noisy nose of the aircraft)

BA upper deck

For me, the seats on the upper deck are the greatest around.  It is so quiet and there is bags of space including a handy locker to the side of you because of the slope in the cabin wall.

Now there is the super-stretch that is the 747-8i.  Lufthansa are the main airline who have this and comparing the two is quite a difference to the 747 of 1998 and before

PIA 747

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